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Listing Your Home

Listing your home for sale with Newton Realty can be a fun and exciting process. We want you to know that you always have full control over every decision you make regarding your property. Your real estate agent is an expert who will guide you through the home selling process using the industries leading tools. We want you to be satisfied and legally secure in your exchange with a buyer. Here are a few things to consider when listing your home:

Communicate with Your agent. Meet often with your Real Estate Agent and be as honest as possible when it comes to how you feel about things like listing price and open houses. You should always be comfortable with the listing price of your home and any offers you choose to accept.

Invest in Your listing. It is extremely common for homeowners to make home improvements right before the sale of their home. These improvements can be minor or major and are intended to maximize your sales outcome. Your agent has “been around the block” so-to-speak and can advise you if a quick paint job or a new roof will have significant impact on your returns.

Take offers with a grain of salt. Occasionally a low or disappointing offer will be submitted for your home. Don’t let this be a setback to your confidence. Low offers are frequently used as a negotiation tactic; a committed mindset is a powerful tool you don’t want to loose.

Prepare for photography and open house. Clean and tidy homes are attractive to home buyers because they are able to visualize the space as their own. It’s also a good idea to board or secure your family pet(s) during scheduled visits.

Understand Your market. The future owners of your home are somewhere right now. Imagine, what are they doing? What aspects of your home do they value? How will they hear about your property? Today, many buyers are searching the internet for new listings; this is why Newton Realty employees a broad tech savvy marketing approach. We understand your homes market and it’s important you do too.

Leave the fixtures. A fixture means any physical property that is permanently attached (fixed) to real property. Unless negotiated specifically, do not remove any fixtures from your property after escrow closes. Stoves, refrigerators, lights, washers, curtains and curtain rods are all considered fixtures. Talk with your agent about which fixtures in your home you want to keep so we can negotiate the best terms for you.

Following these tips and the advice of your agent will help ensure your comfort and satisfaction while selling your home. Newton Realty is happy to manage the details and support you in your role as executive of your estate. We have hundreds of satisfied clients, who provide testaments to our expert advice. When you work with a Newton Realty Agent you work with someone who values your comfort and satisfaction during the entire process.

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